Downloadable Materials

Registration Materials
Check back for Registration Material. Should be ready in March/April. 

Scripture Memory
We want everyone to memorize the daily scripture verses.  If you have memorized the theme verse by the start of camp you will receive a special prize.  
If you memorize the first 4 verses by Thursday around lunchtime, you will be eligible for a ice cream sundae party that evening after worship!!  We want a great big ice cream party.  

Camp Schedule
Sample Camp Schedule (subject to change)

Bible Study
You will be in Bible Study with your church group.  It is your responsibility to lead these studies, and bring the supplies needed for your group, unless otherwise noted.  These are guidelines for you to use and adapt as needed for your specific group.  There will be portions in the book to have the students fill out.

Child Protection Training
If you need to complete the Child Protection Training, you can find everything you need here.