Next Level Kids Camp 2019
Joe Bruce

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Can-Do Spirit                                                                 

From his rich background as a children’s pastor, youth pastor, senior pastor, professional artist, father of ten and husband of one, Joe is able to draw from a variety of ventriloquist characters and assortment of artistic mediums to communicate his message with a unique diversity. It has been said that one of Joe’s most amazing gifts is his ability to appeal to all people regardless of age,  educational background, or economic status.

His presentation is very organic and natural. His quick wit and clever characters will be sure to communicate redemption and restoration – a message Joe feels is essential in our culture. He uses the theme of “Joe’s Garage” as a place where he and his ventriloquist characters work on subjects such as character issues and real-life, relevant concerns in light of God’s plan and His Word. In his presentations Joe may draw a caricature of a child from the audience in under 60 seconds, paint a 3ft. x 4ft. likeness of Christ, utilize three ventriloquist characters, or cause a portrait he’s drawn to come to life and speak to the audience. Joe’s diverse repertoire of creative and artistic talents and more than 25 years of hands-on experience as children’s and family speaker, gives him the ability to tailor the presentation to our specific needs.

Joe is extremely creative and draws on his artistic ability often. He is a GREAT storyteller and can hold the attention of children and adults alike. Joe enjoys teaching Bible verses Rebus style. He draws picture-words on the board and makes sure the kids understand what the verse means and how they can apply it to their lives. He uses huge airbrushed felt Bible stories (his own designs and creations) to further illustrate his stories. A variety of ventriloquist characters take part in his programs as well. In a camp setting, he also plays interactive games with the kids using high-energy music.